advantage of air layer suede

- Mar 09, 2018-

The air layer suede has been greatly welcomed in the market, mainly because of its own advantages in line with the taste of the public. To understand the air layer suede, we must first know what it is characterized by:


One: the feeling of hand is thick.

This kind of cloth feels very rich and thick, with a naked eye mixed with breathable pores, the effect is very good. The air layer suede used in the garment industry, usually made of skirts, coats, dress up so smooth, breathable layers, very comfortable.


Two. A variety of colors

The color of the air layer is also a variety of colors. It is completely different from some inferior fabric. It is very strict in color matching. The air layer suede can match the color with the color, and it does not affect the cloth itself, which, to the greatest extent, meets the consumer's needs for beauty.


Three. Good elasticity

The air layer jacquard cloth is not only light and breathable, but also has good elasticity. It is also used in some sportswear. Athletes can set their positions at will, and feel no sense of constraint, and they will not be deformed due to the excessive movement.


Four. The price is reasonable

With so many advantages, people will think that the market price of air layer cloth is also very high. Otherwise, the market price of air suede is very reasonable, and it will not cause any man-made economic pressure. This kind of cost-effective cloth is also rare in the market.

To sum up, people should for the advantages of air layer suede understand? Note that this kind of cloth in the market marketing business is very much, when consumers buy this kind of cloth material, need careful identification of true and false, so as not to be deceived.