Basic knowledge of knitted fabrics - ingredients

- Apr 23, 2018-

Knitted fabrics In principle, we describe the fabrics as follows:

Ingredient + Tissue + Weight + Width + Yarn + Needle + Other (eg Color, Special Process Description (AOP, Y/D), etc.)

Examples: cotton jersey, 140G/M2, 180CM, 32S, 24G, full body printing

The ingredients, organization, and grammage are among the three elements that describe knitted fabrics and are indispensable.

Of course, the more detailed the fabric description requirements, the better. Only in this way, our understanding of the fabric is clearer, so that we can better judge the price, performance and so on of the fabric.

Below we follow the above order step by step to understand some of the basic knowledge of fabrics.

  COMPOSITION Most of the fabrics we come in contact with are made by yarn or thread weaving with a loom, and yarns or yarns are made from various fibers by spinning.

So the so-called ingredient is the percentage of various fibers in the fabric. Below is a detailed list of the various fibers we encountered (FIBRE).

The fibers are mainly classified into staple fiber (SPUN) and long fiber/filament (FILAMENT).

  1. Plant fiber  cotton: cotton  hemp: linen flax / linen; ramie ramie  bamboo fiber: bamboo fiber

  2. Animal fibers wool wool: cashmere/ cashmere; mohair mohair; alpaca alpaca [ælˈpækə]; rabbit hair rabbit hair / Angora [æ ŋˈɡɔ: rə] / camel hair camel  silk silk: silk tussah silk [ˈtʌsə,ˈtʌsˌɔ:]; mulberry silk [ˈmʌlbəri]

3. Man-made fiber  Inorganic fiber: inorganic fiber: metal fiber metallic; glass fiber glass; lumox lurex; carbon fiber carbon fiber ● regeneration fiber: viscose / rayon viscose / rayon; cuprammonium cupra; Fiber Acetate; rich and strong fiber polynosic [ˌpɔliˈnɔsik]; protein fiber protein fiber (acorn fiber cascin; soybean fiber / pea protein, corn fiber corn protein)  Tencel Tencel (Lyocell): raw material is natural wood pulp, is a kind Eco-friendly fiber; Modal MODAL, a high-modulus cellulose regenerated fiber developed by Lenzing, Austria

4. Synthetic fibre / chemical fibre  Polyester (PET / T):polyester (trademark: Terylene / Dacron / Tetron)  Polyamide (PA):polyamide / nylon (trademark Caprolan / Amilan / Tactel)  Acrylic (PAN):polyacrylic /acryl (trademark Orlon / Acrilan / Creslan)  Spandex (PU):polyurethane / spandex / lycra [ˌpɔliˈjuəriθein] Document Chong billion quarters, good ritual music with mini ipad mobile hard disk Polaroid Baidu bag  Polypropylene (PP): polypropylene Mainly used for underwear, urine is not wet [ˌpɔliˈprəupili:n]  PVA: polyvinyl alcohol [ˌpɔliˈvainil]  Polyvinyl chloride (PVC): polyvinyl chloride (trademark Teviron / Rhovy / Polyester)  Aramid fiber: aramid fiber