Coral velvet pros and cons

- Jan 14, 2019-

Folding advantages

Coral velvet is made from imported DTY microfiber. Compared with other textiles, its advantages are particularly obvious: it is soft, delicate, lint-free and easy to dye.

Soft to the touch: the single yarn is fine and the flexural modulus is small, so the fabric has outstanding softness.

Good coverage: due to the high density between fibers and large specific surface area, the coverage is good.

Good to take: Because the fiber has a large specific surface area, it has a high wicking effect and breathability, and it is comfortable to wear and has good decontamination: because the fabric is soft and can be closely adhered to the object to be wiped, it is very good. Cleaning effect.

Optical properties: Since the specific surface area of the fiber is large, the light reflection on the surface of the fiber assembly is poor, and therefore, the fabric made of the fiber is light and soft.

Folding disadvantage

It is easy to start static electricity. Because of the weaving principle, there is a phenomenon of hair loss. It is recommended to wash it before washing. (When the skin is dry in winter, wipe the moisturizer before wearing, or use static cleaning solution when washing), because the hair is removed, It is recommended that people with skin allergies and asthma should avoid wearing this fabric.