Corduroy 2

- Sep 03, 2018-

Corduroy raw materials are generally cotton-based, but also blended or interwoven with fibers such as polyester, acrylic, spandex. The corduroy is made of a fabric with a longitudinal pile on the surface, which is a cut-up pile, and is composed of a pile structure and a ground tissue. After processing by cutting, brushing, etc., the surface of the fabric has a velvet-like bulge, which is named after it. In the 50s and 60s, it was a high-grade fabric, and generally did not accept the cloth ticket that was allocated at that time. Corduroy is also called velvet, corduroy, and velvet.


The corduroy structure adopts two sets of weft yarns and a set of warp yarns interlaced by the double weave structure, and the ground tissue has plain weave, twill weave and the like. The corduroy is woven from a set of warp yarns and two sets of weft yarns, wherein one set of weft yarns (called ground weft) and warp yarns are interwoven into a ground fabric of fixed piles, and another set of weft yarns (called weft wefts) are interwoven with warp yarns to form a regular float. Weft, after the cut, the formation of fluff.

The corduroy is made of woven double weave, then cut and velvet, and the fabric is wick-like velvet fabric, also known as corduroy. Corduroy uses a wide range of yarns, commonly used 18-48tex (32-12 inch) single yarn, or 10tex × 2-28tex × 2 (60/2-21/2 inch) strands; weft commonly used 14.5- 36tex (40-16 inch) single yarn. The organization adopts two sets of weft yarns and a set of warp yarns interlaced with double weave. The ground tissue has plain, twill and weft weight. The pile structure adopts two sets of weft yarns and a set of warp yarns interlaced with double weft. Corduroy is a high-latitude dense fabric with a warp tension of 35%-65% and a latitudinal tightness of 110%-200%. The ratio of the ground weft to the weft is 1:2, 1:3.


The corduroy fabric feels soft and smooth, the velvet is clear and round, the gloss is soft and uniform, thick and wearable, but it is easier to tear, especially the tear strength along the direction of the pile is lower.

During the wearing process, the corduroy fabric is in contact with the outside, especially the elbows, neckline, cuffs, knees and the like of the garment are subjected to external friction for a long time, and the pile is easily peeled off.

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