how to care the suede cloth

- Mar 08, 2018-

Many girls like to wear suede clothes, because suede clothes are not only warm but also fashionable. So how do suede clothes clean? What do you do with the suede? Come on and see it!

Cleaning method 1:

Suede fabric is water resistant, easy to deform, shrink or wrinkle. When washing, it can be washed with washing solvent, usually in 93# gasoline or four vinyl chloride, the usual quantity is 250ml - 500ml.

The washing time should be suede fabric clothes neatly tiled, with short hair brush dipped in the solvent by gently brushing villi backward special parts, such as cuffs and collars or very dirty places need to repeatedly scrub, scrub with a towel after the adsorption of dirt, and then the second time with a cleaning sponge impregnation solvent two times, the net face with a towel, the ventilated dry shade.

Cleaning method two:

If the suede fabric with ash or oil is difficult to deal with, should be the first to use dry cloth to gently scrub the surface of dust or grease, and then use a special glue brush in one direction along the skin of cashmere cashmere skin hair Mao Lishun, because only in the same direction for the whole leather show uniform color.