Island silk

- May 14, 2018-

The sea-island fiber is a kind of polymer dispersed in another polymer. In the fiber cross-section, the dispersed phase is in an “island” state, and the mother’s body is equivalent to “sea”. From the cross-section of the fiber, it is a component with a fine The dispersed state is surrounded by another component, as if there are many islands in the sea. Its "island" and "sea" components are continuous, dense and evenly distributed in the axial direction of the fiber. In the production process, it has the fineness of conventional fibers, but with the solvent to dissolve the "sea" component, bundled microfiber bundles can be obtained.

According to the general classification of fibers, after the separation of sea-island fibers, the single-filament fineness is only 0.05D, which is an ultra-fine fiber, which cannot be achieved by conventional spinning, and therefore it has characteristics that cannot be obtained by ordinary fibers.

a. High coverage:

As the fiber denier decreases and the diameter becomes thinner, the surface area per unit weight of fiber increases. As the surface area increases, the covering ability of the fibers increases, and the moisture absorption performance is greatly improved.

b. Soft and comfortable to wear:

Due to the ultra-fine fibers, the fibers are softer and made into fabrics, which can produce capillary wicking effect, which allows the fabric to absorb more moisture, and can move these moisture to the fabric surface to evaporate and increase the comfort of wearing.

c, fabric soft gloss:

The smaller the diameter of the ultrafine fiber, the larger the radius of curvature of the fiber, and the greater the proportion of scattered light reflected by the surface, the softer the hue of the fabric surface.

Through the design and processing of fabrics and the use of the fibrillation characteristics of island fibers, many special fabric styles can be obtained, such as imitation cashmere, suede-like, ultra high-density fabrics. Such fabrics can be widely used in clothing, apparel, luggage, interior products and industrial fields.

Many of the suede-like suede fabrics developed using sea-island fibers are as good as natural suede, and many have even better properties than natural suede. The fabric has soft hand feeling, good drapability and light texture. It is half of the genuine leather and can be woven into fabrics of different thicknesses and weights. Various surface treatments can be performed to obtain various surface effects. The surface has a writing effect, a good three-dimensional effect; the shrinkage of the damp heat is small, has a good breathable waterproof and air permeable effect, the fabric has a high strength and is far superior to the natural scab.