Main types of wool-like fabrics

- Oct 31, 2018-

Rabbit hair

Generally, a certain proportion of rabbit hair and wool are blended. The characteristics of rabbit sweater are fine fiber, smooth handfeel, smooth surface, soft color, good fluffiness, comfortable and comfortable wearing, easy to fall off in the surface, and warmth. It is better than wool garments; if you use the first-in-one shirt and post-dyeing process (that is, the first weaving and dyeing process), it can make the color more pure, gorgeous, and unique, especially suitable for young women's outerwear.

 chemical fiber hair

The common feature of clothing is lighter. For example, acrylic shirts are generally woven with acrylic bulky yarns, which have strong hair style, bright color, soft and soft texture, and the moisture regain is only 0-4.5%. The fiber breaking strength is higher than that of wool fibers, and it does not cause insects, but Its elastic recovery rate is lower than wool, the warmth is not as good as pure wool sweater, the price is cheap, but it is easy to pilling, suitable for children's clothing. Recently, the international market is a blend of acrylic and nylon-like rabbit fur yarns, and denatured acrylic-like mohair yarns, which can be compared with natural rabbit fur and mohair clothing.

 Animal hair and chemical fiber blended hair

It has the "complementary characteristics" of various animal hairs and chemical fibers, its appearance is hairy, the tensile strength is improved, the cost of sweater is reduced, and it is an inexpensive product. However, in the blended sweater, there are problems in that the dyeing effect is not satisfactory due to the different dyeing and color-absorbing properties of different types of fibers.