Study on the production process of warp-knitted suede

- Jul 04, 2018-

1 Introduction

Natural suede is a symbol of beauty, style and value, but it is expensive and limited by production, and can only meet the needs of a small number of people. Imitation suede is an ideal substitute for natural suede.

Warp-knitted suede is a suede fabric made from a warp knitting process. After the fabric is finished, the fabric is soft to the touch and can be directly used as a garment material to make an eggplant overcome, a bag, a suit, a shoe, etc., or it can be compounded first, and then used for clothing or other purposes.

2 Selection of warp-knitted raw materials

After a series of finishing, the warp-knitted pile yarn can form a suede with a powdery texture, showing a "writing effect", which is related to the choice of raw materials of the yarn. The base fabric of the suede fabric should be composed of two requirements: First, it requires a tightly organized structure, the fiber requires a thicker monofilament, and the ground tissue adopts a high shrinkage fiber effect. Second, fabric suede requires the use of finer fibers with a finer monofilament. The more the number of fluff on the surface of the suede fabric, the finer the fineness, the stronger the simulation of the appearance of the fabric, and the relationship between the fineness of the monofilament and the suede effect is shown in Table 1.