the defects of suede fabric

- Mar 12, 2018-

The defects of suede fabric

1. is not resistant to dirty. Suede wear, but it is not dirty, a little attention will be dirty, and after the stain, suede will be very ugly.

2. clean and complex. The cleaning procedure of suede is quite complex. Unlike other fabrics, it can be placed in the washing machine at will. It needs manual cleaning and professional cleaning products.

3. water resistance is poor. Suede is easy to deform, wrinkle or even shrink after washing, so it is best to avoid large area of water. When cleaning, it should also use washing solvents, such as four vinyl chloride.

4. the price is high. It is obvious that the natural suede is much more expensive than the ordinary fabric, and even the suede is not cheap.

Natural suede is made of suede leather cashmere fabrics in the market, but the real natural suede is still very small, mostly imitation, but imitation suede some texture is also very good. Most of the clothes made of suede velvet have a sense of retro, beautiful and unique, and the other things made are also very durable.