The difference between deer and suede

- Aug 20, 2018-

The common point of deerskin and suede:

Can be used for bags, handbags, shoes, pillows, etc.

The difference between deer and suede:

The biggest difference is that the deer velvet is a flocking cloth, that is, it is processed by a flocking machine on the basis of the net cloth, and the fluff is planted on the mesh cloth, so that it has a uniform fluff, a full fluffy feeling, and illumination in the light. There is a similar effect of hair reflection, the feel and the look and feel are very good, used in furniture and handbags and bags can significantly improve the grade! The suede is a kind of velvet. Its fluff is from the fabric itself. The fabric is put into the machine, and the fluff is pulled out from the machine by sanding and brushing. This ensures the firmness of the fluff and is washable. It doesn't have the characteristics of down velvet, so it is very suitable for home textiles, pillows, pillows and other products!


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