The difference between deerskin and suede

- Jun 09, 2018-

What are the differences between suede and suede? The two fabrics of deerkin suede and suede have a lot in common, and some are not the same. The following is introduced by the global textile network


Common features of deerskin suede and suede:

Can be used for bags, handbags, shoes, pillows and other cloth

The differences between deerskin and suede:

The biggest difference is that the deerskin cashmere is a flocking cloth, which is processed on the basis of the mesh cloth by a flocking machine, and the fluff is planted on the mesh cloth so that it is processed to have even hairiness, full velvety feeling, and light irradiation. Under the effect of hair-like reflection, feel and perception are very good. It can be obviously used in furniture and handbags. The suede is a kind of sanding. Its pile is from the fabric itself. The fabric is put into the machine. It is polished, brushed, and pulled out from itself. This guarantees the firmness of the pile and is washable. It doesn't fall down, so it is very suitable for home textiles, pillows, pillows and other products!

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