The difference between suede and deer skin

- Aug 20, 2018-

The mink is a kind of skin of a wild animal with a lot of grain damage, thicker than the sheepskin, and tight fiber structure. It is the finest leather for processing suede. The suede is rarely used. Nowadays, it is replaced by high-quality goat skin, sheep skin and deer skin. The cleaning leather made by the oil-staining method is quite soft and is quite protective for glass or other things with low hardness. This kind of suede is divided into raw suede and cooked suede, which is generally used to wipe the glass in the car or the mirror.

Deer skin is an important part of the sika deer series. It can be used as a seat cover for high-end cars, sofa seat leather, leather shoes and leather jackets. Its application range is relatively wide; in recent years, deer skin is popular in European and American markets. Come to make interior materials. Its characteristics are: soft, strong, beautiful, light weight, water resistance, high temperature resistance up to 120 degrees, better low temperature resistance. Can also be used as medicine.

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