Various facial clothing features and washing methods

- May 24, 2018-

Polyester (synthetic)


1. Fastness

2 light weight, security, feel strong, drape is poor

cleaning method:

1. Gently squeeze the water, lightly twist the water

2. Pure rayon can be dry, blended fabric should be dried

Spandex / Lycra)


1, good elasticity, elastic fiber called washing, dry cleaning can be low temperature steam ironing

Cotton silk.

2. High-concentration cotton fabrics treated with high-concentration caustic soda, then treated with high-quality softener, with silky luster, fresh, smooth and comfortable

3, monofilament light that is a light treatment, double silk light that is two mercerization, the effect is better

cleaning method:

With cotton fabric with cotton fabric

Wool polyester fabric


1. The advantages of collecting wool and polyester

2. Lightweight, good wrinkle recovery, durable wrinkles, dimensional stability, easy to wash and dry, fast and durable

3 not pests, but not as soft and smooth

cleaning method:

1 should use neutral detergent or special wool detergent, avoid alkaline detergent

2. Gently wash, not twisted, should be dry

3. High-grade clothes recommended dry cleaning

4 suits, jackets should be dry cleaning, should not be washed

Anti-moth, anti-mildew

T/R fabric


1 belongs to synthetic fiber, man-made fiber polyester-viscose blended fabrics, cotton type, wool type, etc.

2. Smooth and bright, colorful, good elasticity, good moisture absorption, strong anti-wrinkle, dimensional stability

3. Good air permeability and resistance to blister, reducing fabric fuzzing, pilling and static electricity, but poor heat resistance

cleaning method:

1. Water temperature below 40 degrees

2. Medium temperature steam ironing

3. Can dry clean

4. Suitable for dry

5. Can not be wrung out

Polyurethane Resin Synthetic Leather (Coated Fabric) PVC/PU/Semi-PU


1. High strength, thin and elastic, soft, smooth, breathable and water-permeable, waterproof

2. It still has good tensile strength and perturbation strength at low temperature, good photo-aging resistance and hydrolysis stability

3. Flexible wear-resistant, appearance and performance are close to natural leather, easy to wash and decontamination, easy to sew

4. The surface is smooth and compact, and can be used for a variety of surface treatments and dyeings.

cleaning method:

1 water and detergent cleaning, avoid gasoline scrub

2. Can't dry clean

3. Can only wash, and the washing temperature can not exceed 40 degrees

4 can not use sun exposure

5. can not touch some organic solvents