What are the advantages of suede

- Jun 30, 2018-

The woven suede products are mainly divided into warp and weft suede. The zonal suede product specification is 15×5×33, and the raw material specification is 75D×225D. It can be produced both on the water jet loom and on the air jet loom. The product is characterized by a good velvet feel, softness and fineness. The blank width is 160cm and the finished width is 145cm. The white billet price of this product is about 5.6 yuan/meter, the color billet price is about 12 yuan/meter, and the finished product fabric weight is about 160 grams/square meter. Woven suede is the ideal fabric for making home textiles and shoes. Recent product sales have gradually increased in Shengze market. The longitudinal suede product specification is 11.5*5+28 and the raw material specification is 105D x 150D. It can also be produced on water jet looms or air jet looms. Its texture is better than that of zonal suede. Thick and strong velvet is its main feature. After finishing, it can be gilded, embossed, punched, printed, etc. The blank width of the product is 160cm, the finished product width is 152cm, the white blank price is 5.50 yuan/meter, the color blank price is about 13 yuan/meter, and the finished fabric weight is about 170g/square. The meridian suede not only makes a sofa cover, a decorative cloth, but also a lady's spring and autumn clothes, and after the printing, it can also be used as a curtain. Most of the products are exported to Europe and the United States. Because of its wide use, it is favored by merchants.

The warp-knitted suede is made of island silk FDY75D/36F*37 island, and the warp knitting high-speed textile manufacturing process is used to make the product have the advantage that other velvets can't reach, and then it is processed by precise process pre-shrinking, shaping and dyeing. to make. The fabric thus produced has the advantages of soft hand feeling, good drape, good taking property, and easy care. The last process is the embossing process, which is embossed into various favorite patterns, including irregular square dots, leaves, daffodils, ripples, roses, rose flowers and so on. The background color is also rich and colorful, adding a more charming style to the fabric. The finished product has a width of 150cm and weighs about 140 grams per meter. This fabric is suitable for the production of casual clothes and skirts for the gowns, and is fitted into the upper body, which is both fashionable and elegant, and adds attractive charm. At present, the upstream island silk FDY75D/36F*37 is tightly supplied by the island, and people of insight believe that this fabric meets people's demand for novelty and fashion, so the sales prospects continue to look promising.

In addition, the sales trend of cationic suede is in the ascendant. The fabric uses a novel cationic island silk fiber, so that the product has the advantage of other velvet. Satin weaves are selected for use in water jet weaving machines. The fabrics are fresh, elegant, beautiful, colorful, and not fadeable. It is widely loved by consumers in both urban and rural areas because of its good suede effect, lint-free and ball-like properties, good anti-wrinkle properties, strong performance, and drape. Its fabric width is 160cm, weighing about 200 grams per meter cloth, the current market price of gray fabrics is about 8.50 yuan per meter, rich colors, and so on. It is not only an ideal fabric for casual wear, but also a fashionable fabric for trousers. It can be fitted to the upper body, which not only makes the wearer relaxed and natural, but also graceful. The reason why the product is popular and popular, is mainly in line with the clothing fashion that advocates nature and pursues leisure.



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