What is the difference between spandex and Lycra?

- May 24, 2018-

Spandex Lycra is a kind of fabric, Lycra is a kind of spandex, spandex is not necessarily Lycra. Lycra is better than general spandex. Unlike most spandex yarns, Leica has a special chemical structure that won't grow mildew in wet and hot sealed spaces after wet water.

Spandex is an elastic fiber made of a polymer compound having a linear segment structure containing more than 85% polyurethane. Due to its incomparable advantages over other fibers, such as light weight, high breaking strength, high elongation at break, and good elastic recovery, spandex fiber has been widely used in various fields and can be used as a bare fiber or as a core, or as a core. Various types of yarns, such as covered yarns, are used in warp knitting, weaving, knitting, and other various processing methods to make swimsuits, underwear, coats, and other clothing. In recent years, they have become special textile fibers indispensable for the development of high-grade elastic textiles. , Has a wide range of application value and development prospects.

In 1959, Lycra, the United States, DuPont Company first realized the industrial production of polyurethane solution by dry spinning, and the product was named Lycra.

At present, as long as the use of Leica's clothing will hang a triangular tag, this tag has become a symbol of high quality.

Where is Lycra's advantage? According to the quality statement introduced by DuPont, the difference between Lycra and traditional elastic fibers is that it can reach 500% of its stretch and can be restored as it is. That is, the fiber can be stretched very easily, but it can be attached to the surface of the body after recovery, and the binding force on the human body is very small. Lycra fiber can be used with any fabric, including wool, hemp, silk, and cotton, to increase the fabric's closeness, elasticity, and loose natural characteristics, making it flexible when you are active.