What raw materials are used for suede

- Jul 05, 2018-

The island-type ultrafine fiber disperses one polymer in another polymer, and the dispersed phase is in an "island" state in the fiber cross section, and the parent is equivalent to "sea". Finally, the sea-island component was dissolved by fabric finishing to obtain ultrafine fibers having a monofilament diameter of less than 3.0 μm. The island microfiber usually has a different shrinkage composite fiber with the high shrinkage fiber composite processing network. Since the shrinkage ratio of the two raw materials has a large difference, after the finishing process, the fabric forms a multi-layer structure with ivy, floating on the fabric. The surface of the island silk is entangled with the ivy, giving the fabric a super soft, delicate, smooth feel. The high shrinkage fiber shrinks to become a core wire, and its large strength and stiffness give the fabric super drape performance.

Unique style

The fibers covering the surface of the fabric are fine and form a multi-layer structure, so that the fabric has a small reflective point, a soft gloss, a soft color, and a full, delicate and delicate appearance. The smaller fiber bending stiffness makes it easy for the fabric to be smooth and chic. The core layer is a thick denier high shrinkage yarn, which gives the fabric excellent drape. Visual comfort is unique.

Excellent comfort

Since the fiber has many voids and is dense, the capillary action can be utilized to obtain a better water absorption and oil absorption of the fabric. The microporous structure between the fabrics allows for more static air in the fabric, so that better insulation and warmth can be obtained. The fineness of the fibers makes the fabric soft and smooth, and has obvious advantages in terms of touch and physiological comfort.

Significant waterproof and vapor permeability

Usually, the diameter of the raindrop is between 100 and 200 μm, and the water vapor of the human body is about 0.1 μm. By controlling the shrinkage rate and changing the proper fiber gap, it can be woven into a sea-island high-density fabric with a gap of only 0.2 to 10 μm to achieve excellent waterproof and vapor permeability.

Strong decontamination ability

The microfiber has a large specific surface area and a large number of voids, so that the fabric has a strong cleaning effect, and the fiber fineness is soft and soft, and the articles to be cleaned are protected from damage, and it is a new generation of high-performance cleaning products.

Wide range of uses

Through the design and processing of the fabric, the extremely fine fiber characteristics of the island fiber can obtain many special fabric styles, such as cashmere, suede, MOSS, ultra-high density fabric. Such fabrics can be widely used in clothing, apparel, luggage, interior products and industrial fields.

The suede fabric developed using the island fiber has many properties that are no less than natural suede and have many properties even better than natural suede. The fabric is soft to the touch, has good drape, and is light and thin. It is half of the leather and can be woven into fabrics of different thicknesses and weights; various surface treatments can be carried out to obtain various surface effects. The surface has a writing effect, good stereoscopic effect; wet heat shrinkage deformation is small, has a good breathable waterproof and steam permeable effect, the fabric strength is high, far superior to natural suede.

Weaving ultra-high-density fabrics, which utilize the shrinkage properties of high-shrinkage yarns, can be woven into fabrics with higher density and higher water pressure resistance. Although the density of this kind of fabric is very high, the fabric is very fine, the texture is light, the drape is good, the color is soft and the hand feels soft and full, the appearance is sturdy and warm, and at the same time it can maintain considerable moisture permeability and breathability, and it is very comfortable to wear.

Product specifications

Fiber specifications: 100 ~ 167dtex / 48f * 37i

Technical indicators

The breaking strength is ≥2.8cN/dtex, and the remaining indicators are equivalent to the conventional DTY.

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