2019 China (Henan) International College Student Fashion Week

- Aug 05, 2020-

 China (Henan) International College Student Fashion Week

This year's College Student Fashion Week actively responded to the call of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Commerce to promote "cloud display, cloud docking, cloud negotiation" and other new formats of the exhibition, with new forms, innovative interpretation and communication methods, and a feast of cloud appreciation without leaving home.

As a brand new attempt of this fashion week, 2020 China (Henan) International College Students Cloud Fashion Week highlights brand culture and creative connotation, and through online fashion diversified display and high-quality brand live broadcast, fashion directly penetrates the essence of life.

With the help of the resources and advantages of the college student fashion week platform, combined with Xinmi City’s production and city planning to lay out the digital economy, actively build an online platform to promote the development of local clothing brands from traditional manufacturing to intelligent and flexible, and from low-value-added processing Transition to a high-quality, high-value-added fashion industry