Application Of Suede In Apparel Industry

- Feb 19, 2018-

Using island Fiber produced suede fabric superior performance, finished fabric has a good drape, thin texture, good sense of three-dimensional, damp-heat contraction deformation is small, but also has a good air permeability, wear resistance, softness and other characteristics, become the production of clothing fabric of the first-class products. Suede fabrics are mainly warp-knitted suede, jacquard suede, weft-knitted suede (whole island, half island), woven suede. At the same time, the product after processing extended surface is also very wide, can be bronzing, printing, compounding, punching, embossing, embossing, embroidery, grinding and other deep-processing processing, but also increased the application of suede in the apparel industry.

If you feel that the down jacket is too bloated, the fur coat is not enough to keep warm, then might as well try suede jacket. Feel soft, warm and not bloated, and easy to clean. With lamb hair, sweet but not greasy. This winter, do not make a bloated penguin, not to do the frozen beauty.

Suede Plush Machine Jacket

01 Slim Style jacket, completely out of the winter warm clothing bloated feeling. Lamb hair and suede powerful together, so that the temperature and beauty can coexist. Zipper decoration, in the soft temperament into a sense of toughness.

Suede jacket

The 02-door lapel, shoulder and cuffs of the lamb hair decoration, to the handsome short coat added a hint of sweet beauty. Although the same with suede for dark brown, but because of the different materials, still present a clear hierarchy but not abrupt contrast. Suede Plush fur coat

03 Added suede coats with lamb guts, at least one more times warmer than a simple suede coat. Naughty lamb hair, from the brim, skirts, cuffs and other places jumped out, lovely extremely. Unique block splicing, so that clothing type more self-cultivation. Plain suede Composite Lamb Fleece

04 Suede is the color of the Earth's dark brown, lamb hair is a warm breath of light powder orange, both with a layered sense and not abrupt. Coat style of the cut, handsome type. Exquisite metal buttons Add a dash to the whole coat. Suede Edge

05 Black cortex and retro-tonal suede stitching, the expression is a bit of the wild atmosphere field. Dark brown suede dotted with dark yellow markings, abstract and artistic. Soft hair collar, dotted with elegant aristocratic temperament.

Plain suede Composite Lamb Fleece

06 Suede and lamb hairs seem to be a perfect match, and they always show a different look when they are partners. White Lamb Hair In addition to a large area on the lapel, but also in the sleeve and pocket edge as embellishment appeared, condensed the deep sweet temperament.

Down jacket made of plain suede

07 Light green down jacket, like a plant evergreen in the Four seasons, still full of vitality in the cold winter. Highly flexible suede fabric with full duvet, fluffy but not bloated. Plump collar, open like petals charming, buckle when warm neck.