Bronzing Suede Composite Fleece

- Aug 08, 2018-

The fleece of the fabric is made of polyester FDY150D and DTY100D network yarn. It is woven with a small Yuanbao knit structure in a large circular machine. The suede is made of island silk FDY75D/36F*37, and the warp knitting high speed textile is applied. manufacturing process, and then through sophisticated technology shrinking, shaping, dyeing and other processing, and then using the finishing process bronzing, Indian iron out the endearing blossoming flowers, so that the fabric is not only dazzling, shining bright, dynamic, and in line with bronzing fabric Environmental requirements. The final process is a composite cloth that is bonded to a fleece cloth. The bronzing suede composite fleece cloth has the dual functions of two kinds of fabrics, which not only reflects the characteristics of knitted warp-knitted hair products, but also has the soft and warm effect of fleece. According to the business introduction, the width of the cloth is 150cm, and the weight of each cloth is about 200g. The current wholesale price is about 25.00 yuan/meter. In terms of color, especially camel, black, pickled green, etc. are the best sales. It is not only an ideal fabric for men and women jackets, children's wear, but also an excellent fabric for sports gloves, scarves, shoes and hats. After being installed on the upper body, it is beautiful and elegant. The fabrics are popular in the market, mainly due to the superior quality of the products and the diversification of functions, so they are favored by the public.

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