Brushed Weft Knitted Suede

- Jul 12, 2018-

The fabric is made of sea-island silk, which is made of double-sided structure, woven on a double-sided machine, and then processed by pre-shrinking, shaping, dyeing, sanding, etc., and the finished fabric has a smooth feel. , delicate hair feel, while the elasticity and drape are also very good. The fabric has a width of 150cm, and the wholesale price on the market is around 21 yuan. Although the price is more expensive than ordinary fabrics, the fabric has a unique style and excellent texture, so there is still a place in the market. After the fabrics were launched, they were ordered by clothing manufacturers in many cities to produce casual men's and women's clothing. Another feature of the fabric is that the double-faced product of the product is all-sand silk suede, so it can not only meet the requirements of the clothing, but also the ideal fabric for the PU-coated leather substrate and shoe material composite.

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