Control Of Color Quality In Textile

- Jun 29, 2020-

1 Create your own color card

We have established our own color cards and constantly enriched them.

 Also pay attention to the consistency of the proofing machine and the production of large goods. Proofing and large cargo not only must be consistent from front to back, but also the parts equipment, equipment status, process on board, etc. should be as consistent as possible.

2 Control of color proofing

(1Setting of darkroom light box

The site where the colors are to be sampled shall be viewed in the darkroom light box.

(2)Management of proofing and sample storage

3 Control the process and raw materials

4 Matters needing attention when color tone

(1)Is the color difference within the control range?

(2) Is the color-matching environment standard?

(3) Are the count and fabric the same?