Corduroy Features

- Sep 04, 2018-

The corduroy woven cotton fabric is made up of a set of warp yarns and two sets of weft yarns. The ground weft and warp yarns are interwoven to form a consolidated plush. The weft and warp yarns are interwoven with cut piles and the piles are covered with fluff to form various thicknesses. Different piles.

Fabric use editing

The corduroy velvet is round and full, the fluff is wear-resistant, the texture is thick, the hand feels soft and the warmth is good. It is mainly used for autumn and winter outerwear, shoes and hats fabrics, and also for furniture decoration fabrics, curtains, sofa fabrics, handicrafts, toys, etc.

Fabric washing editor

When the corduroy is washed, it should not be washed hard. It should not be brushed hard with a hard brush. It should be gently brushed with a soft brush in the direction of the fluff. It should not be ironed. It should not be stressed when collecting, to keep the fluffy plump and towering. Printed corduroy is generally printed and then brushed, so the pattern design must consider the effect of brushing, the pattern should not be slender.

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