Cotton Suede Fabric

- Jul 05, 2018-

The fabric is made of sea-island silk, and is made of 105D*7S. It is made of fine twill weave on the water jet loom. It has been deep-processed by pre-shrinking, shaping and dyeing. The width of the fabric can be made up to 150-280CM according to customer needs. Since the cloth surface is made of island silk, the finished suede fabric has a fresh and refined appearance, a soft surface without wrinkles, and a light texture and a good three-dimensional effect. Therefore, it is the best product for making apparel fabrics, and it can also be used for home textile fabrics. From the recent direction of the goods on the market, it is mainly used to wipe precision instruments, such as glasses. Due to the wide use of fabrics, the market potential is large, and sales in the market are expected to increase.

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