Distinguish The Fibers By Their Sensory Characteristics

- May 19, 2020-

  Cotton: Fine and soft, small elasticity, easy to wrinkle.

  Hemp: Thicker hard feeling, often have blemish.

  Silk: Lustrous, soft and light, with a cool feeling.

  Wool: Elastic, soft luster, warm feeling, not easy to wrinkle.

  Polyester: Good elasticity, smooth, strong, stiff, cool.

  Nylon: Not easy to break, elastic, smooth, light texture, not as soft as silk.

  Vinylon: Approximate cotton, luster hair dark, elasticity is not good, easy to wrinkle.

  Acrylic fiber: Good heat retention, large strength, lighter than cotton, soft and fluffy.

  Viscose fiber: Softer than cotton, better gloss than cotton, but less fastness. 

  Pure cotton fabric: It will not pilling after burning, and will become powdery after sticking with hands.

  Pure cotton shuttlecloth: A textile made of cotton and woven by warp and weft yarns through a loom.

  Cotton: Sweat absorption and breathable, soft, anti-sensitive, easy to clean, not easy to ball. but easy to wrinkle, shrink and deform.