Do You Know Why All Cotton Clothes Shrink?

- Apr 24, 2020-

Cotton has better hygroscopicity, higher moisture retention, good heat resistance, stronger alkali resistance and hygiene are you willing to buy cotton bed products. As for the concern of all cotton will shrink. The answer is yes. But why does cotton shrink, do you know that?

    1.Made of cotton material is composed of plant fiber, cotton fabric when the fabric infiltration, water molecules into the cotton fiber, expanded in the fiber, when the fabric of zonal or meridional expansion coarsens, fabric can produce contraction, so in the water, the longer shrinking relatively larger, of course, it is only relatively, will not be endless shrinkage.

    2.Textile processing pure cotton fabric in the process of textile dyeing and finishing, the fiber should be subjected to a certain external force stretching, after finishing, this stretching will be temporarily in a "stable" state. When immersed in water, the water will gradually weaken the connection between the fiber molecules, reduce the friction force on the fiber surface, so that the temporary "stable" state is destroyed, the fiber will return to or near the original equilibrium state. Generally speaking, in the process of weaving and dyeing and finishing, it is necessary to stretch the fabric many times.

    3.Yarn woven fabric should all know cotton bedding yarn weave probably can be divided into 40 1288 * 68, 130 * 70/13372 / satin drill / 60 satin drill / 80 satin drill, etc., the higher the yarn woven fabrics are more high-grade, the processing of fabric is not the same (such as pre shrinking processing or steam preshrinking, eliminate the potential fabrics shrink in advance, after preshrinking treatment fabric generally no larger shrinkage).

    4.Classification of fabrics commonly used cotton bedding, probably can be divided into four types: ordinary cotton covered 4 times, mercerized cotton, combed cotton 4 is covered 4 times, 4 times, ordinary washing shrinkage can see individual luck, generally good manufacturer product still can be at ease, combed cotton and mercerized cotton were treated with general factory, problem is not big, about the grinding hair I can only say that the greater the shrinkage of the cheaper, why do the same things cheap? The size is insufficient, and the post-processing process is reduced.

    5.The shrinkage rate of pure cotton fabrics products, the national standard shrinkage rate is: less than or equal to 5%(that is to say :100cm cloth washed after 95cm is normal) pure cotton bed product after washing, when about to dry will be stretched. When the quilt cover is dry, it will be useless to stretch it. If your quilt cover is really bigger than by the heart of a lot of words, shrinkage is useless, general cotton quilt cover shrinkage is 10cm, is a standard 200*230 quilt cover, the size after shrinkage is 190*220cm.

    6.100% cotton correct washing and maintenance washing can not use hot water, the water temperature should be controlled below 35℃, can not soak in detergent for a long time, can not use higher than 120℃ temperature ironing, exposure to the sun, can not dry. Correct catharsis and air bask in should notice to be in shady and cool place, use tiled or with garden stick type clotheshorse, catharsis had better be hand washing.

    Conclusion objectively speaking, all cotton fabrics are more or less the problem of shrinkage and fading, the key is after finishing. So the fabric that general home spins went through pre-shrink processing. But after the pre-shrinkage treatment is not equal to not shrink, but refers to the shrinkage rate is controlled in the national standard 3% - 4% within %.