Embossed Warp-knitted Suede

- Jul 09, 2018-

The surface yarn of the product adopts the island silk DTY75D/36F*37 island, the bottom wire is made of polyester FDY50D, and is woven by the plain weave on the high speed warp knitting machine. It has been processed through precise techniques such as pre-shrinking, shaping and dyeing. The fabric has a width of 150 cm and a weight per square meter of about 140 grams. The current wholesale price on the market is 18.00 yuan per meter. Because the fabric is embossed finishing technology, the fabric style is more vivid and vivid, and the biggest advantage is that the hand feels soft, drape, good take-up, easy to care, these are not as good as other velvet cloth. At present, the best-selling embossed patterns include nearly 20 kinds of irregular square dots, leaves, daffodils, ripples, roses, and rose flowers. From the color point of view, pink, sky blue, light blue, light gray, and coffee are also quite popular among customers. . Because the fabric has many flower patterns and colorful backgrounds, it can meet different needs of people. This cloth is the ideal fabric for casual wear and skirts for young women. After being fitted to the upper body, it is fashionable and elegant, and adds attractive charm.

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