Fabric Maintenance For Shirt

- Jul 14, 2020-


1. Machine wash in cold water, no bleaching

2. No hot pressing

3. The ironing temperature of the blended shirts should be lowered properly, and the padding ironing

4. Hard collar cannot be ironed

5. Mount storage

B.Printed T-shirt

1. The printing position cannot be pulled, rubbed or twisted

2. The printing position cannot be ironed to prevent the printing from falling off

3. The elasticity of the ribbed cloth is good, and the printing position is prone to fall off when it is pulled too much.

C. Elastic T-shirt

1. The elastic fabric cannot be ironed at high temperature to prevent damage to the elasticity of the fabric

2. Do not drift, it will damage the elasticity of the fabric

3. Some elastic fabrics are woven with core-spun yarn, the yarn is fluffy, and the fabric has more plush. Be careful not to be too heavy when washing to prevent excessive fluff.

4. Do not expose to the sun to prevent damage to the elasticity of the fabric

D. Lightweight cotton T-shirt

1. Do not overweight during washing, do not wash with other thick clothes to prevent deformation, excessive hair raising and being scratched or scratched, it is best to wash separately

2. Lightweight fabrics are relatively rare, and the elasticity of the fabrics is low. When wearing Nissan, pay attention to prevent the hooks from hard objects, causing holes.

3. The thin and light fabric is easy to be deformed.