First Choice For Keep Warm, Polar Fleece

- Oct 28, 2020-

what is the difference between polar fleece and ordinary fabrics? Where is the advantage?

It is a small ingot knitted structure, which is woven on a large circular machine. After weaving, the grey fabric is first dyed, and then processed by various complex finishing processes such as napping, combing, shearing, and polarizing. The front of the fabric is napped, and the polarizing is dense and fluffy. And it is not easy to shed hair and pilling, the reverse side is sparse and well-proportioned, the fluff is short, the texture is clear, and the fluffy elasticity is particularly good. It is the first choice for winter protection in the past two domestic winters.

New varieties of polar fleece are still being developed. Spandex (up to 5%) and T/R polar fleece can be added in the weaving process of polar fleece. However, this technology has not been found to be mastered by several factories. , Needs further improvement.

   Special treatment for fabrics, for example, adding antistatic additives, anti-flame retardant additives, infrared additives and so on. For some special polar fleece, for example, the antistatic fiber is added to the fabric during the weaving process, and the polar fleece with this kind of fiber is still not much in the domestic market.

   Polar fleece can also be combined with all fabrics to make it more effective in keeping out the cold. For example: Polar fleece and polar fleece composite, polar fleece and denim composite, polar fleece and lamb fleece composite, polar fleece and mesh fabric composite with waterproof and breathable film in the middle, and so on.