Flame Retardant Suede

- Jul 13, 2018-

The flame retardant suede fabric is divided into raw material flame retardant suede and post-treated flame retardant suede. Raw material flame retardant suede as the name suggests is that the raw material of the fabric is flame retardant, the fabric will not affect the flame retardant effect due to frequent washing, explosion and other reasons. The post-treatment of fire-retardant suede is just the opposite, and it will gradually fade over time. The raw material flame-retardant suede has good breathability and moisture permeability, and has a firm feel and comfortable wearing. In the event of fire, it can contain the burning, there is no melting in the open fire, it will be carbonized immediately, and the fire will be extinguished immediately. The raw material flame retardant suede of our company has the continuous burning time, flame retardant time and damage length of the national standard and the European market. The protective overalls made of our flame retardant suede fabric are not only beautiful. fashion. Moreover, in the case of fire, it can effectively reduce the degree of burns and increase the possibility of survival, and protect people. Flame-retardant fabrics are widely used in metallurgy, foundry, welding, electric power, nuclear industry, fire protection, chemical industry, petroleum, In the fire industry and other industries, it can also be used in hotels, restaurants, karaoke theaters, home decoration fabrics.

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