Fluorine-free Waterproof Pre-treatment

- Aug 17, 2020-

     The water-repellent finishing of fluorine-free water-repellent agent has certain requirements for fabric pretreatment and residual auxiliaries. If the oil agent is not cleanly removed, the fabric will have poor water absorption, and the fabric will carry liquid in the process of rapid padding. At the same time, the water-repellent agent cannot directly coat the surface of each fiber, and it cannot form a continuous hydrophobic protective film on each fiber, and it is difficult to achieve a good water-repellent effect. The residual pretreatment auxiliaries and dyeing auxiliaries on the fabric before finishing, such as levelling agents and ordinary penetrants, are all hydrophilic substances, which cannot be volatilized on the fabric after drying, and the remaining substances will increase the surface tension of the fabric. It will also affect the water repellent effect. Silicon-containing defoamers affect the film formation of the water repellent on the surface of the fiber, and also affect the effect of the water repellent. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the oily agent on the fabric before finishing, clean up the pre-treatment auxiliary agent, leveling agent, etc., and do not use the silicon-containing defoamer.