Frosted Suede Production Steps

- May 02, 2018-

1. Apply polyurethane to the elastic island suede base fabric;

       2. Drying setting with drying setting machine;

       3. Sanding, made of suede suede. The base fabric used in the first step was PTT/PET island suede made of PTT. The polyurethane coating process was carried out by impregnating the base fabric into an impregnation bath containing an aqueous polyurethane dispersion. Due to the impregnation operation of the base fabric with waterborne polyurethane, it is dried directly after the impregnation and dried in the setting machine. Compared with the original process, the coagulation and washing steps are omitted, the manufacturing cost is reduced, and a large amount of organic solvent is omitted. , greatly reducing pollution. The selected base fabric is a suede fabric made of sea-island fibers made of PTT (polytrimethylene terephthalate) as an island component, and is more equipped than a suede fabric made of sea-island fiber made of polyester or nylon as an island component. Good elasticity.