Griege Fabric Preparation

- Jul 30, 2020-

Grey cloth includes original cloth inspection, cloth turning (batch, box, printing) and sewing head. The purpose of the original cloth inspection is to check the quality of the grey cloth and solve the problems in time. The inspection content includes two physical indicators and appearance defects. The purpose of singeing singeing is to burn off the fluff on the cloth surface to make the cloth surface smooth and beautiful, and to prevent uneven dyeing and printing defects due to the existence of fluff during dyeing and printing. In order to smooth fabric weaving, desizing mills often sizing warp yarns to improve strength and abrasion resistance. The slurry on the grey fabric not only affects the water absorption performance of the fabric, but also affects the quality of dyeing and finishing products, and will increase the consumption of dyeing chemicals. Therefore, the slurry should be removed before scouring. This process is called desizing.