Hot Film Suede

- Jul 12, 2018-

In terms of raw materials, this knit warp suede is woven from 100% polyester. The full polyester makes the suede grey fabric more stable in size, windproof and breathable, and full of feel. After the initial setting, raising, shearing, fiber opening and other processes, the suede suede is soft and even. According to the manufacturer, this fabric adopts environmentally-friendly dyeing, which not only has bright color, good color, and does not burden human health. Finally, the fabric is treated with a hot film, which allows the fabric to be easily cleaned and has a waterproof and dusty effect.

Appearance, after the shaping of the fabric is crisp, suitable for the design of simple and elegant jacket. As a men's fabric, its color is close to the ochre, and the print has the characteristics of bark and snakeskin, giving a steady and tough visual experience, trying to create a domineering but elegant male image. For men who are increasingly focused on dress etiquette and fashion, this fabric will definitely become a good choice.

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