How Suede Is Made

- Apr 04, 2018-

Suede fabric has a lot of performance and no less than natural suede, there are many properties even superior to natural suede, such as its fabric wool feeling soft, waxy, drape good, texture and frivolous.

A. coating polyurethane on suede base fabric on elastic island;

B. Drying stereotypes with drying machine;

C. Grind hair and make suede suede.

The base fabric used in step A is the Ptt/pet island suede with PTT as the island component, and the polyurethane coating process is to carry the substrate into the immersion tank containing aqueous polyurethane dispersions. Due to the use of water-based polyurethane substrate immersion operation, after immersion directly into the drying machine drying, compared with the original process, eliminating the solidification, washing process, reduce manufacturing costs, and save a lot of organic solvents, greatly reducing pollution. The selected base fabric is a suede fabric made from the island fiber of PTT (poly terephthalate), which has a good elasticity compared with the suede fabric made of island fibre of polyester or nylon.