How To Clean The Curtain Properly

- Apr 15, 2020-

  Curtain is one of the necessary soft outfit in household decoration,In addition to the privacy function, it also has the function of aesthetic decoration,Many people clean sanitation often oversight the cleanness of the curtain, the curtain does not need to often clean, but need to clean dust regularly.Here are some steps to help us clean the curtain properly.

  1. Remove the curtains

     Before the curtain can be removed with a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust on the curtain or hair, notice that the curtain only needs to be removed to clean that part, the other part do not move,and do not pull the curtain forcibly, tear down the curtain is a fine work, encounter a few small parts to have patience to come slowly.

  2. Soak the curtains

     The curtain that tear down needs to soak a moment first, after soaking the curtain is cleaned more easily, due to the curtain material is different,use a neutral cleaner to wash by hand or machine as much as possible . Do not use slant alkalescent or slant acidic cleaner,   in case the curtain goes out of shape change, soak time length can be qualitative circumstance according to the curtain, the water that immerses became dirty, change water to continue to immerse 15 minutes or so can, the curtain is excessive bibibition can damage material pledge. Like the curtain of cambric qualitative material immerses 60 minutes above at least, when immersing, use lukewarm water to be helpful for curtain to go besmirch, which is convenient to clean the curtain.

   3.Wash the curtains

    The oneself material pledges according to the curtain, choose hand to wash or machine to wash or dry clean. Generally contain flannelette, silk qualitative wait for high-grade fabrics is the proposal sends dry cleaner to clean, the fabrics of this kind feels more smooth, soft, machine is washed the handle that damages the curtain easily and simple sense, serious cause curtain to draw silk, breakage to wait for a circumstance. Suggest to see curtain material to choose catharsis method.

  4. Hang the curtains

    The last step after the curtain is washed is air-cure, the curtain that just washed do not put in the place with strong sunshine ,which can cause the curtain to become discolored , the best way is put in a ventilated place to air-cure, till the curtain is natural air dry