How To Clean The Pillowcases

- May 28, 2020-

1. The pillowcase will turn yellow when used for a long time, For thoes that are yellow Pillow towel, pillowcase, etc., to wash away the marks It's better to spend an hour or two expose in the hot sun,so that it can be effectively washes away the yellow stains.

2. After exposure to the sun soak the pillowcase immediately. To thoroughly soak a pillow,use eitherwith warm or hot water.Put the washing powder and other detergents together and soak them for more than an hour. After soaking, whether it's hand wash or machine wash,wash with washing powder first, wash away the basic sweat spots. Many washing powder is impotent to long-term sweat spot, and dishwashing essence wait for degreasing ability, therefore, wash with dishwashing liquid,wash the sebum accumulation in the pillowcase . If the stain is returned stubborn, find a brush, and then wash with detergent a few times

3. If the pillowcase material can be heat-resistant, instead of the methods mentioned above, use the method of boiling water. Put the detergent and the pillow in boiling water and cook it for a while, then take it out and rub it. Wash or brush to see how clean it looks, If it doesn't work, put it back and cook. Repeating the steps until you are satisfied.

4. Rarely used pillowcase after in a period of time to take out found that has become yellow, which can used white electric oil to scrub repeatedly. Wash  with white oil after exposure to the sun.

Note: white electric oil is toxic to human body. In the cleaning process had better take gloves, after cleaning, pillowcase must be in the open high air drying enough time, in order to let the white electric oil completely volatilized, it's better to clean with water again.

5. If the pillowcase is pure or light color, and the cloth is strongly dyed and resistant to strong oxidant, then it can be soaked or boiled with bleach. This method is the most effective and can completely remove yellowing. You need to be careful  with fabric that are bleach intolerant and oxidizer intolerant. pillowcases that have a lot of color may look completely different after bleaching.