How To Clean A Yellowing Pillowcase

- May 26, 2020-

    When we sleep, there are pillows on the bed, and there is a pillowcase on the pillow. The advantage of pillowcase is that there is a lot of dust and bacteria on our hair, so when using the pillow, if there is something dirty on the pillow case. All we need to do is remove the pillowcase and clean it. Sometimes we find some yellow stains on the pillow due to the long use time of the pillowcase, which is difficult to clean with water or washing powder. At this time, some people may think, anyway, the pillowcase is very cheap, and it is yellow and dirty, it is better to throw it away and buy a new pillowcase. But now you don't have to worry about this problem.There are three methods to help you remove the yellow stains on the pillowcase.

Method 1: White vinegar cleaning. The decontamination ability of white vinegar is very powerful in our daily life. If we find a yellow stain on the pillow, we can remove the pillow cover and put some warm water in the basin with some white vinegar. The pillowcase is submerged in white vinegar and warm water for half an hour, when the stains on the pillow react with the vinegar. Then we sprinkle it with baking soda and let it soak for another 10 minutes. Then we rub the pillowcase with our hands and the yellow stain is gone.

Method 2: General pillowcase material is quite heat-resistant. So when we clean the pillow, we can use the method of water boiling to clean the pillowcase. We prepare some water. And then we put the strip cleaner in the water, and we wait for the water to get hot and then we put the pillowcase in. Wait for 10 minutes before taking the pillow out to clean, then brush with a bristle brush, so that the pillow covers, yellow stains can be removed.

Method three: Water of washing rice and orange peel. In our daily life, there will be some water before cooking rice, so at this time the rest of the water we don't throw away, throw a few pieces of orange peel into it, and then pour into the pot and add water to boil. When the water is hot, soak and scrub the yellowed pillow upside down. In just 10 minutes, the yellowing of the pillowcase will be as white as new.