How To Distinguish Between Genuine And Fake Suede Clothes

- Apr 22, 2018-

1. Color: The real moult used is not dyed, its color is the original color of the cortex - the white, the cross-sectional color of the incision is consistent, there is no hard core, black core. The imitation suede is dyed in order to look good, generally yellow, the color of the cross-section of the incision is inconsistent, there is a hard core, and the long time of the water becomes hard and fades.

2. Thickness: The thickness of real fur is generally between 1.0-2.0mm. Imitation suede general thickness 0.5-0.8mm.

Five encrypted suede

Five encrypted suede

3. Feel: Real skin feels a touch of flesh, the surface has a powdery texture, thick and soft, soft and hard, flexible, plump, full sense. The feeling of imitation leather touch is very imaginary, there is no content, it is "soft" without bones, two fingers pinch and feel real.

4. Cashmere: The cashmere of the real fur is unique to it and it cannot be imitated by other animal skins. The cashmere is fine and compact, and the use of cashmere is not used. Imitation leather velvet thick and long, thin, visually, like the processing of sweaters played a "ball", easy to fall down.

5. Cortical structure: The structure of the skin is compact, thick, dense, and strong adsorption. The raw material of the imitation leather is the second layer of sheepskin. Its structure is loose, the gap is large, the fibers are thick, and the softening before use is uneven and it is easy to harden.