How To Distinguish Between Gold Velvet Fabrics And Poor

- Feb 23, 2019-

How to distinguish between gold velvet fabrics and poor

1. Velvet has excellent biocompatibility with the human body, and the surface is smooth, and its friction coefficient to the human body is second only to silk. Therefore, when our delicate skin and smooth and delicate silk enamel, it with its unique soft texture, according to the curve of the human body, considerate and safely care for every inch of our skin.

2. In the production process of velvet fabric, the yarn needs to be cut off to form short hair, and there is indeed slag residue. However, the good fabric and the finishing part will be cleaned, so only the poor fabric will fall off.

3. After washing, or after rubbing, the hair will be pilling/pilling because the short hair and the bottom of the fabric are not tight enough. Purchasing measures: After receiving the goods, use force to shake three times to see if you have lost hair. Then grab the clothes with your hands and rub it repeatedly for 10 times. Turn over to see if it is fluffing.

4. The velvet fabric is not well treated and continues to lose hair. After buying the clothes, after getting the clothes, soak the sleeves in the wash basin and rub it ten times.

5. Stitching deformation. The reason for the formation, the velvet fabric is relatively smooth, and the sewing is not well controlled, so the alignment is not allowed. Countermeasures, after receiving the clothes, tiling the clothes, check the seams on the front and back.

6. Bone slip. That is, under the action of external force, the fabric moves along the suture to both sides, and a gap occurs. Wearing for a long time, it is prone to cracking, deformation, etc.



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