How To Distinguish Leather Sofa Fabric Is Leather Or Imitation Leather

- Aug 11, 2018-

The leather sofa has leather and imitation leather, and the leather is made of natural leather, mainly cowhide and pigskin.

Imitation leather is artificial. The performance and price difference between the two are large, so pay attention to distinguish when purchasing. Natural leather has natural pores and skin texture. Imitation leather is not, even if there is

It is artificial and easy to distinguish. Because of its regular pores and skin texture, natural leather is not the case. In addition, they can also be distinguished from their sections. Natural leather is interwoven with leather fibers, which have no such structure.

The quality of the leather sofa is not difficult to distinguish. A well-made leather sofa with a smooth, tidy leather surface and less disability. Touched by hand, it feels full, soft and elastic. The leather has a uniform color and no obvious color difference. The color fastness of the leather is good. Use a damp cloth to wipe the surface of the leather a few times without discoloration. The leather surface is neatly stitched, the stitches are even, the stitches are straight, and the sofa is flat, full and without wrinkles.

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