How To Distinguish Weft And Warp Knitted Fabrics

- Apr 13, 2020-

    Knitted fabrics are made of coils connected in series, which can be divided into weft knitted fabrics and warp knitted fabrics according to different weaving methods. Weft knitted fabrics are woven by a large circle knitting machine with warp set and forming loops, while warp knitting is woven by a flat knitting machine.

    Weft knitted fabrics, such as the usual sportswear, underwear, socks, and hand-knitted sweaters, are woven in successive transverse weft loops. And warp knitting is all knitting needles at the same time into a ring.

    Warp knitted fabrics generally have less elongation than weft knitted fabrics. Most weft braided fabrics have significant transverse elongation. The elongation of warp knitted fabric is related to the number and texture of comb. Some warp knitted fabrics have both transverse and longitudinal extensibility, but some fabrics have good dimensional stability.


   ①Warp knitting is a process in which multiple yarns are simultaneously wound longitudinally (longitudinally) along the fabric surface.

   ②Weft knitting consists of one or more yarns being wound in the transverse (weft) order of the section.

   ③Weft knitted knitwear can be formed with at least one yarn, but in order to improve production efficiency, more than one yarn is usually used for weaving;

   ④Warp knitted fabrics, on the other hand, cannot be made from a single thread of yarn, a single thread of yarn can only be made into a chain of coils.

   ⑤All weft fabrics can be spun in the opposite direction, but warp knitted fabrics cannot.

Warp knitted fabrics cannot be knitted by hand.

   ★The most simple and intuitive method is to observe that the front and back lines are the same is weft knitting, vertical is warp knitting. In general, the weft weft is divided into plain, rib and double-sided. Warp knitting consists of warp plain, warp chain, warp satin and warp velvet. And the warp knitting can not be separated, weft weft weft can be separated.

   ★The simplest method is: the warp knitting coil is undetachable, weft knitting coil is able to pull. You only have to pull on the coil to know whether it is warp or weft. You only need to look at the hand to pull the two pieces of cloth transverse (longitude), the warp knitting cloth is not moving, weft knitting is a clearly elastic.