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- Jun 09, 2020-

Many people think that cashmere is fine wool, but it is not. Cashmere is different from wool.

Cashmere is grown on goats and wool is on sheep.

The Difference Between Cashmere And Wool

1. The scales of wool are tighter and thicker than that of cashmere, and their downsizing is greater than that of cashmere. The outer scale of cashmere fiber is small and smooth, and there is an air layer in the middle of the fiber, so it is light and smooth.

2. The degree of curl of wool is smaller than that of cashmere. The number of curl, curvature of roll and recovery rate of curl of cashmere fiber are all larger. Due to the high natural curl of cashmere, it is closely arranged in spinning and weaving, with good cohesion, so it has good warmth, which is 1.5 times to 2 times of wool.

3. Cashmere has a higher leather content than wool, and the rigidity of cashmere fiber is better than wool, that is, cashmere is softer than wool.

4. The fineness unevenness of cashmere is less than that of wool, and the appearance quality of its products is better than that of wool.

5. The fineness of cashmere fiber is uniform, its density is smaller than that of wool, the cross section is mostly regular round, and its products are lighter and lighter than wool products.

6. The hygroscopicity of cashmere is better than wool. It can fully absorb dyes and is not easy to fade. High moisture regain and high resistance.

7. Wool acid, alkali resistance is better than cashmere, oxidant and reducing agent when also less damage than cashmere.