Imitation Suede From The Weaving Method Is Divided Into The Following Four Kinds

- Jun 26, 2018-

● Warp suede: a type of woven suede, plain weave, warp islands, polyester weft. Non-textured tissues have obvious weft and weft interweaving.

● zonal suede: a type of woven suede, satin weave, polyester yarn used warp, islands weft. The non-textured tissue is a satin weave that looks compact and feels smooth.

● Warp suede: A type of knitted suede that is warp-knitted by a warp knitting machine. The warp knitted suede is made by weaving the base yarn and face yarn, and the surface yarn is made of island silk. Observe its non-textured tissue, there are obvious "ribs", arranged in parallel, perpendicular to the width of the door.

● Weft-knit suede: A type of knitted suede that is woven using a circular machine. Weft-knitted suede has two kinds of ordinary weft-knitted suede and four-sided elastic suede. Conventional weft-knitted suede has elasticity in the weft direction, and four-sided elastic suede has elasticity in the latitude and longitude direction. The coil structure of the weft-knitted fabric often gives people a feeling of elasticity. Imagine a sweater. If you add a spandex, it's called a four-sided elastic suede.

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