Introduction To The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Sofa Fabrics

- May 31, 2020-

There are many types of sand releases, and the characteristics of various materials are different. Let's understand the advantages and disadvantages of various sofa fabrics.

1. Imitation linen

Imitation linen is one of the most common fabrics released by sand. Imitated linen, it can be seen literally, not pure linen, but imitation linen. Most linen-like fabrics are woven from polyester fibers. In appearance, linen-like fabrics are very similar to cotton and linen, but there is a large difference in feel. Because it is not worn with you, you don't need to use pure linen. The anti-pilling, non-fading, and super wear-resistant characteristics of linen-like cloth make it perfect for applications released on the sand.

2. Jacquard cloth

This is a chemical fiber blended fabric or cotton fabric with a weave pattern. The texture is delicate and soft, especially the gloss, drape and breathability are good. Divided into two kinds of white and dyed. The general jacquard cloth can be used as decoration for sand releases, bed sheets, curtains, etc., and the more refined jacquard poplin can be used for clothing. The pattern of jacquard cloth is different in size. The jacquard pattern has single flowers, 2 flowers, 4 flowers or more in the same pattern. The pattern is wide and exquisite, mainly including animals, landscapes, flowers and other patterns. It has a three-dimensional sense and distinct color tones; Most of the small geometric patterns are repetitive, because weaving by 16-24 pages dobby loom is limited by the number of pages of the heald frame, so the pattern is relatively single and repeated.

3. Composite cloth

The technology of composite cloth has been very mature and continuously improved. The composite fabric is very suitable for the production of sand release due to its waterproof, breathable and comfortable characteristics.

4. Chenille

Is a new type of fancy yarn, also known as chenille. This fabric is very popular in the market. Its use gives the home textile fabric a thick feeling. This fabric is gorgeous and noble in appearance, full in suede, strong in water absorption, soft and comfortable in hand, good in drape, and very warm. When choosing chenille, you should pay attention not only to its density, but also to the pile effect and dyeing.

5. Flocking cloth

The flocking cloth is bright in color, soft in hand, moisture-proof and moisture-proof, keeps the wool warm and wear-resistant. Please pay attention when cleaning this kind of cloth. Never rub it in water or rub it with a brush. Just use cotton gauze dipped in alcohol to gently wipe it.