Italian Fabric Company Technology Upgrade Reduces Water Waste

- Mar 31, 2018-

Luca Bianco, CEO of the Italian company Maglificio Ripa, said that technology upgrades are the most important factor in ensuring the sustainable development of the textile industry and responsible production of the environment. The company specializes in knitted fabrics for circular and high-specification looms. The company has invested in technology to reduce water waste.

Luca Bianco said on the upcoming International Water Day: "The more technical upgrades you have, the more sustainable you are. Maglificio Ripa uses 10% of its revenue for technical upgrades in power supply and water supply. Sustainability: For example, last year we replaced all humidification and air-conditioning systems in the entire production plant, and in the past 10 years, we have recycled and invested in advanced production and input purifiers to optimize water reuse. Reduced water use by 20% to 30%. Some water resources are used for dyeing, and the heat generated is used to heat production equipment."

Luca Bianco said: “In the textile industry, water is indispensable, including all stages of production from cutting to bleaching and dyeing. The textile industry is the industry that uses the most water. We have used self-assessment tools to determine our water consumption. This will enable us to understand and determine where and how we can improve to reduce consumption. We have invested in this technology to reduce water waste and recycle waste water, so that we can obtain and use high quality pure water. We are developing these technologies to serve the environment. We are one of the most powerful companies in the textile business."