Japan Has Developed A New Piezoelectric Fabric That Can Turn Clothes Into Electronic Devices

- May 07, 2018-

Next-generation devices will be embedded in clothing, researchers have already done. With the support of the new interface, people and machines will walk closer. The new device will change the design of the clothes, such as putting the camera into the clothes.

Several research groups are studying and they want to wear the sensor and touch activation technology into their clothes. Kansai University in Osaka, Japan is also working hard to develop the first generation of piezoelectric fabrics.

This type of fabric has a conductive carbon fiber yarn core, a piezoelectric poly-L-lactic acid fiber yarn and a polyethylene terephthalate intermediate sheath; there is also a conductive fiber protective cover on the outside.

These material components play a key role in the connection and function of new clothes.

Piezoelectric braids generate electrical signals that are generated by 3D motion stimuli. When the user wears clothes made of new fabrics, there will be various actions such as bending and twisting. Not only that, the coaxial cable fabrics are intertwined with each other and become piezoelectric braided ropes. It will act as an electromagnetic shield to increase sensitivity. The protective barrier is very important and necessary, so that the clothes will not be disturbed by the environmental noise of the device (such as a mobile phone). It is very important to clear the electromagnetic interference. Only the removal can ensure that the technology used by the clothes works perfectly.