Jiangsu And Zhejiang Textile Market: Warp Knitting Super Short Plush Fabrics

- May 26, 2018-

Nowadays, a kind of “short plush” warp-knitted fabric with a fresh style and charming charm is the first in Jiangsu and Zhejiang textile market, attracting many merchants to stop and become a major “bright spot” in the recent fabric market. At present, “super soft short plush” Downstream weaving is a booming production and sales trend.

The fabric is made of polyester DTY75D/144F and FDY54D/24F as raw materials; weaving on the knitting warp knitting machine adopts the common machine number 28 (needle/cm), the product has body bone and strength, the fabric has soft hand feeling and strong hair type sensation. After pre-treatment and heat-setting before dyeing, the fabric shrinks and the density increases. Dyeing and finishing fabrics are not only dazzling, bright and shining, but also strong in three-dimensional and dynamic. In particular, the softness of the high F-added fabric made of polyester DTY75D/144F was used. Soft texture, comfortable feel, through special processing to achieve moisture, warm and other special features; the width of the fabric is 160cm, fabric weight is 190g/m2, the current market wholesale price of about 24.00 yuan per kilogram. It is suitable for textiles for home textiles, composite T/C fabrics or composite single velvets for sofas. One-sided super soft is mostly used for toys, clothing, shoes and hats. This product can be used for blankets, pajamas and other fabrics after the back of the bristles. At present, this fabric has formed certain production specifications in Haining and Changshu warp knitting machines. It is expected that sales of its polyester DTY75D/144F and FDY54D/24F will be promoted later.