Life Skill How To Fast A Quilt

- Mar 08, 2018-

There are many ways to quickly set cover, are summed up in life skills, and here to introduce you two of my own two methods more practical and convenient feeling. The first method I use is very effective, that is to put the quilt flat in bed, the quilt open towards yourself, then it will be the core also paved the four corners are tucked into the quilt cover corresponding to the four corners inside the core, and then hold the same direction of the two corners will shake at.

The second methods may seem complicated, but if the operation is familiar, is a highly effective means to quickly set cover. First, we must first put the core is folded into a Z shape, and then put the quilt flat in bed, will be the core into the quilt cover, the same pinch the two corners of a direction, shaking can be covered completely in the above set. It is important to note that this method is easy to be misplaced by the core, causing the core to form a regiment inside, and we should practice a lot.

In fact, the key to the success of the fast set cover, is a scientific and reasonable method, two proficiency operation, three is the quilt cover and core size is generally appropriate collocation, we suggest you choose the size ratio was the core length and width are 10-20 cm by the set of products, so as to achieve the fast set the purpose of quilt.