Maintenance And Cleaning Of Blanket

- Jun 10, 2020-


1. When using the blankets, it shall be strictly prohibited to get damp to avoid mildew, avoid exposure to sunlight and exposure to heat, so as to avoid deterioration of luster and rough feel, and use insect repellent to prevent moth.

2. Avoid peakiness and creases under heavy weight.


1. Good quality special detergent and neutral low alkali detergent washing, water temperature should be around 35℃.

2. The blanket cannot be washed by machine. In order to keep the blanket clean and reduce the washing times of the blanket, a blanket cover can be added to the blanket.

3. When the blanket is in use, it should be often aired and gently patted to remove the smell of sweat, dust and dander sticking to the blanket, keep the blanket clean and dry, and prevent moths and mildew.

4. Air drying before preservation. Put a few mothballs wrapped in paper between   a folded blanket, and then wrapped in a plastic bag and sealed, stored in a dry cabinet.