Microfiber Imitation Suede Pretreatment Points

- Jul 14, 2018-

a, desizing

The slurry, oil, wax and other substances on the fabric must be completely removed, otherwise it will bring difficulties and defects to the subsequent processing. Most of the domestic polyacrylate pastes must be removed in an alkaline solution. Generally, soda ash can be used, but the fabric woven by the water jet loom must be completely removed with caustic soda. A desizing agent having an excellent desizing effect on the polyacrylate slurry on the fabric is selected.

b, scouring

Because the ultra-fine denier fabric has a strong affinity for the slurry and the oil agent, it is necessary to select a scouring agent with strong penetration, dispersion and emulsifying ability, such as Demei scouring agent 204B to achieve oil removal, wax removal and de-oiling. The effect of the pulp. It also has a good washing function and prevents dirt from re-staining.

c, relaxation

The scouring relaxation treatment effectively shrinks the island-type microfiber fabric and obtains a good fluffy feeling. The relaxation treatment is to make the fabric completely under the tension-free state, and the difference in shrinkage between the fibers is caused by the moist heat and the dry heat, thereby improving the resilience, smoothness and bulkiness of the fabric. The method of relaxation treatment is to leave the fabric in a state of no tension for 6-6.5 min under high temperature conditions.

Is scouring and relaxation treatment good at the same time (one bath)? Still doing it separately? From the perspective of production practice and literature, it is more reasonable to proceed separately. Due to the slack and expansion of the fibers caused by the slack processing, impurities such as slurry and oil wax are easily interposed in the interstitial spaces of the fibers, and are not easily washed. Therefore, it is best to perform the scouring before the relaxation treatment.

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